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The Invincible Review



The Invincible Review

The Invincible is a combat-free adventure narrative game developed by Starward Industries and published by 11 Bit Studios. It is an adaptation of a 1964 Polish novel, The Invincible which is set on a mysterious Alien World offering a complete Sci-Fi experience. Usually, the adaptation games are difficult to nail to perfection as the source material plays a crucial role but Starward Industries does an incredible job of keeping the source material to the full extent and using it creatively to keep the audience engaged with the narrative.


The narrative of The Invincible is very close to the actual novel but the story is done uniquely. You play as Yasna, a biologist working with a small research crew but you wake up all faint and advised to look for the crew. Yasna has no idea what she is doing on the strange alien planet and it becomes your adventure. Soon she finds out that she is a biologist and her job is to explore this very alien planet which helps build a better relationship with technology and evolution.


The gameplay of The Invincible is mostly walking and absorbing the narrative by selecting the dialogue options. It does feel like a Walking Simulator right from the starting moment of the game as there is nothing else but to walk on the possible paths of the areas and talk to a guy named ‘Novik’ who happens to give a lot of insights into the actual story of the game.

Now, for a lot of players, it will be a red flag that they just have to walk on the alien planet but the players who like the narrative and adventure games will feel engaged in it as there are many explorative items found around the main areas of the story path. Each area that players venture from will have multiple paths designed for players to explore and find unique interactive items.

Both the co-narrative and the main narrative are filled in with the help of a selection of dialogues and how you want to pursue your relationship with the characters. The dialogue options with no timer are for co-narrative as they don’t affect the main plotline but the dialogues with a timer have an effect on the plotline.

Exploring the mysterious Alien Planet will also hand you various useful tools that you have to utilize both in exploration and solving the puzzles. There are several puzzles that you will encounter throughout the adventure but they are nothing that you can’t handle.

Sound and Visuals

The voice acting in The Invincible is what made me engaged to the actual narrative as it is done greatly and it enhances the experience of Sci-Fi adventure. The visuals and aesthetics of the game are also well-crafted as they portray an Alien Planet to its finest with mysterious technologies to discover.

Verdict – Score 8/10

The Invincible is a great combat-free adventure narrative game that will take you on a Sci-Fi ride set on an Alien Planet. The story aspect of the game is crafted well and the players who love narrative games will absolutely tuck in with the story. However, there are some concerns about interaction with the characters and the items that you will find that actually have no use. Despite the side-entities, we would recommend players to try out The Invincible for a great adventure.

The Invincible is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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