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House Flipper 2: How to Unlock & Use the Painting Tool



House Flipper 2 - Unlock and Use Painting Tool

Painting the Walls is one of the essential aspects of the game which will test your house-flipping skills to make the best look for the house or a certain room of a house. Whatever the case, players will have to use the Paint Roller (Painting Tool) to complete the paint-related jobs or redecorate their house.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and use the painting tool in House Flipper 2.

How to Unlock the Painting Tool in House Flipper 2

The Painting Tool is unlocked after completing the ‘Adding a café to my bookshop’ job at the Crayfish Coast area. This job will require players to buy new furniture along with painting the walls of the café. As players start the job, they will be given the new Tool, Paint Roller which can be equipped through the tool menu.

After painting all the required walls and finishing the job with the required house-flipping objectives, players will unlock the Painting Tool permanently for their house care or job-related requests.

How to Use the Painting Tool in House Flipper 2

The Paint Roller is used with the paint buckets and without the paint buckets, you cannot paint the walls. To get a bucket of paint, open the store and search ‘paint’ to get a list of available paint colors. Select and buy the bucket of paint you want and then place it near where you want to paint.

Now, select the Paint Roller by holding the RMB, and then press the LMB while looking at the bucket of paint you purchased to cover the Painting Tool with the paint. After that, look at the wall and hold the LMB to drag and make an area where you want to paint. Release the LMB to mark the area with green outlines and then hold the LMB while looking within the marked area to start painting.

If you have painted the wrong color or exceeded the paint from the required area, you can always undo your latest actions by pressing the Z button on the keyboard.

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