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House Flipper 2: How to Buy & Sell Items



House Flipper 2 - Buy and Sell items

Decorating your house to your liking in the Sandbox mode or the client’s house in the career mode will often require you to purchase certain items and sell all the junk items. Players need to know how to do both of these actions to accomplish the quest objectives and even make money by selling.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy and sell items in House Flipper 2.

How to Buy Items in House Flipper 2

Items are bought from the ‘Store’ tab which can be opened by pressing the Tab key. Navigate to the menu and change to the Store tab from the quests tab to view all the different categories and sub-categories for the items. Players can browse through the categories to find the items that they need to buy or they can search for the specific items in the Search Bar.

Upon finding the required item, select it and proceed to the purchase of the item. The item will spawn in the hands of the player from where they will be able to place it down at the required location or wherever they find appealing.

How to Sell Items in House Flipper 2

To sell the items in House Flipper 2, players need to equip the Flipper Tool from the Tool Menu and aim it at the item that they want to sell, and press the LMB. Each item has its selling price which will be shown on the screen of the Flipper Tool while aiming at the item.

It is better to sell the junk items that you don’t require to both earn money and get yourself new and more appealing items. Most of the jobs also require getting rid of the junk items so make sure to check the quests tab to see which items to sell to complete the objective.

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