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House Flipper 2: How to Duplicate Items



House Flipper 2 - Duplicate Items

House Flipping jobs will often require players to purchase identical items to complete the objectives or for decoration purposes which can prolong the buying of items from the store. However, players can utilize the duplicate items feature of the Flipper Tool to ease things up.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to duplicate items in House Flipper 2.

How to Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

The Flipper Tool is one of the essential tools in the game that allows you to sell junk items but there are more uses for this little tool, including duplicating the items. To unlock the duplicate items feature, players will have first to Level Up the Flipper Tool to earn a Perk Point for Flipper Tool and unlock the ‘Like two drops of water’ Perk.

This perk allows the Flipper Tool to duplicate items at the original cost of the item. Players will not have to buy the item separately from the store and place it down instead they can swiftly duplicate them by selecting the Duplicate feature.

To select the Duplicate feature, players will have to equip the Flipper Tool from the Tools Menu and then press the R button to view the available features and hover the mouse on the Duplicate feature. Once the duplicate feature is selected, point the Flipper Tool at any item, press the LMB to duplicate the item, and press the LMB to place it down.

The items will keep duplicating until you cancel the action. Press the RMB to cancel the action and the Flipper Tool will stop duplicating the selected item and if you want to change the action of the Flipper Tool back to selling or Copy Style, press the R again to switch among the features.

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