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Midnight Heist Review – Data is Money



Midnight Heist Review

Midnight Heist is a co-op horror game developed and published by MediaTale in which players will get to steal data from the shady companies of Midnight City for the Contractors to earn money. Players can embark on this journey both Solo or with up to three friends. However, the offices of these Shady Companies are haunted and a ghost might catch up to you during the heist. This is our review of Midnight Heist.


The premise of Midnight Heist is simple and easy to understand as any other heist game but the only difference here is that you are not mainly looting money, instead you are collecting the data from the PCs of the companies for your Contractors. You will get to select the contract that you wish to pursue from your safehouse and take useful tools with you as they will help you in navigating and most importantly, hacking the PCs.

Once the requirement of your Contractor is completed, you can wish to leave the area to complete the contract or you can stay in the office of the company to loot further but be aware of the horrors that haunt the office.


The gameplay of Midnight Heist is fairly smooth and well-designed. You will start the game by selecting one of the available characters to spawn in the safehouse/hideout. Here, you will get to select the tools that you like to bring to the heist and select one of the contracts available. You can begin any available mission in any order as well as replay them for maximum data gathering along with completing any optional objectives.

Starting the mission and reaching inside the office will allow you to interact with all the PCs that you can find and hack them to retrieve data. Speaking of data, they are hacked with various mini-games. Every time you hack a PC, a new mini-game will pop up on the screen that you have to complete to gather the stored data. Instead of rushing through the mini-game, it is better to understand the terms of the mini-game to complete it because failing in the mini-game will lock the PC and you will have to hack it again.

Alongside hacking the data, open up all the cabinets and drawers to find any cash or valuable documents. All the money and documents that you find during the heist will be added instantly to your total money which you can utilize to purchase more advanced tools and customization options for your character.

There are rare items as well to be found in the offices of shady companies which are much more valuable but they come with a risk of losing them upon getting killed by the ghost. If you happen to get killed by the ghost, you will be returned to your safe house with a deduction from your gathered money but all of the rare items will be lost. You must hide in a closet whenever you see a ghost near you or see your flashlight start flickering. Wait until the heartbeat of your character has slowed down and the flashlight is in the static state to come out of the closet and continue the heist.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Midnight Heist offers a unique heist experience mixed with horror-tension sequences that will both frighten you and keep you on the edge of losing all the valuables that you found. The completion of mini-games for hacking the data is a great way to keep the players engaged with the main objective. The only thing that I found not delivered to the full extent was unique maps. Each mission takes place in the same area and the only difference is the entrance and the exit. However, overall the unique heist experience that this game provides is worth trying, and if any player is looking to try out a new indie game then we highly recommend checking out the Midnight Heist.

Midnight Heist is now available on PC (Steam).

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