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Roots of Pacha Review



Roots of Pacha Review

Roots of Pacha is a farming and life simulation indie video game developed and published by Soda Den. It is set in the Stone Age era where you don’t even have a bucket when you start in the world. Players who have played any farming or life simulation games before will have a decent idea of what they are stepping into while first trying Roots of Pacha but it does offer several new mechanics and requires attention to its UI system to both progress in the main story and develop the village. This is our review of Roots of Pacha.


The story of Pacha is set way back in the Stone Age Era when your character gets adopted by a clan named ‘Pachan’ and brought to a village near the Great Pacha Tree. Here your character is brought and raised by the clan people and you return their favor by helping them with their needs and ideas to develop their village to greatness. As you help them develop their village, there are other biomes to discover where you will be able to meet various spirits who will help you in the adventure. Explore and discover those spirits and bring greatness to the Pachan Clan.


Roots of Pacha’s gameplay resembles a lot of great farming games like Stardew Valley and if any player who has played that game will find great warmth in Roots of Pacha’s gameplay. The farming in Roots of Pacha drastically improves as you progress in the game and the grind for looking for seeds ends when you pursue the idea of a clan member to open up a seed shop. Your Handaxe is one of the most essential tools in the starting hours of the game as it is used for almost everything. Cutting down the logs, breaking the stones, tilling the soil, and even catching fish is done with a Handaxe.

As you make some progress in your starting hours of the game, you will be able to unlock more efficient tools by gathering and providing the resources to a member of the clan. They will be able to make you new tools using the materials that will allow you to forage various kinds of wood, mine ores from the cave areas, cut long grass/weeds, and much more.

Speaking of cave areas, one of the unique mechanics in Roots of Pacha is Spirits and they can be found in the cave areas. There are several cave areas through which players can progress through and meet various Spirit statues or Totems. Each Totem will require a specific offering that players need to present and get a challenge in return. These challenges are puzzles that will test your various abilities and by passing the challenge, you will earn the ability of transformation respective to spirit which will help you traverse efficiently through the next cave areas.

The Cave areas hold various kinds of ores and materials that are both essential for crafting new gear for your character and helping out the clan members with their ideas. To help out the villagers, you continuously need to contribute items, food, materials, etc. to the village as it will earn you Contribution Points at the end of the day. Since the game takes place way back in time, there is no currency, instead, there are Contribution Points which are earned equivalent to how much you have contributed to the village.

Making more contributions to the village will outcome in the prosperity of the village allowing the clan members to develop their village. As your village is making progress from your contribution, you can explore the distant biomes by riding on the back of an animal. Yes, there are various animals that you can tame and ride on their back to cover great distances as well as you can store them inside your barns for breeding.


The visuals of Roots of Pacha are nothing but a warm welcome to classic 2D-pixel art design which offers a resembling experience with more unique features than just a farming and life simulation game. One of the most interesting things in the visual designs is the UI as there is no time showcased on the screen instead, 10 dots over a great tree that portrays the day, evening, and night. As your character cannot venture in the night, players must adapt to the tradition of sleeping rather than be sent back to the house while exploring the world at night.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Roots of Pacha is a great farming and life simulation game mixed with the blessings of spirits whose powers can be used for the greater good. Unlike the regular farming games, you are off to something good and you need to help out all of your fellow clan members with their ideas so that they prosper to greatness. All of this adventure mixed with farming gives a great experience and we would recommend this game to any player who loves cozy farming simulation games.

Roots of Pacha is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBOX Series X|S, and macOS.

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