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Roots of Pacha: How to Build a House



Roots of Pacha: Build House

Starting in Roots of Pacha will give you a place to live in your clan members’ house located in the Land region where you will be able to save the game by sleeping on the bed at the end of the day. However, as you progress in the game and help out the clan in the region, you will be able to build a hut/house for yourself in the Land region.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build a House in Roots of Pacha.

How to Build a House in Roots of Pacha

Building a house in Roots of Pacha requires the assistance of a friendly Maker named Croll. Croll lives directly south of your clan house and can be found building or chopping wood, if not then he is probably asleep and you will have to come back to him at another time. Upon finding Croll, select the ‘Build’ action to view his services and you will find a Small Hut structure costing the following resources and contributions.

All the resources required to build the small hut are basic and can be gathered using the Handaxe tool. Use the Handaxe tool to cut logs to get wood, break the rocks to get stones, and clear the grass and weeds to get Plant Fiber. Contributions are earned by making donations to the village in the contribution bin located north of the bonfire.

Once you have all of the resources and required contributions, select the Build action by selecting the Small Hut structure. It will show you the available spots for the Small Hut. There will be 13 spots at the start and you can choose any one of the spots to build the Small Hut and it will be completed in 2 days. Confirm the spot on which you want your house to be built and then wait for 2 days to welcome your character to their personal house.

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