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Roots of Pacha: How to Get Flint



Roots of Pacha: Flint

Flint is one of the useful resources in the Roots of Pacha that is used in various crafting recipes along with upgrading the tools that will help you gather resources like Hardwood from the trees and Gems from the sturdier rocks. Unlike the other basic resources in the game, getting the Flint requires progression in the story and you will be able to get it on 4th Day of Spring.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Flint in Roots of Pacha.

How to Get Flint in Roots of Pacha

Flint is obtained from breaking the rock deposits with flint ores found inside the rooms in the caves. These rock deposits can be broken using the Handaxe but before players get to find the rock deposits, they will first have to enter the cave and complete the first Totem. The cave is located on the northern side of the Forest Region and before you go inside the cave, get either a Pine Cone or a Pomegranate by shaking the respective tree.

Once you have any one of the items, enter the cave and start breaking the rocks to open up the paths to the next room in the cave. Repeat the process until you come across an Armadillo Statue. It will be the Glyptodon Totem, the first totem in the cave. Interact with the totem and select to view the painting to see the offering. Select the Pinecone or Pomegranate to make the offering and once the statue accepts the offering, it will ask you to accept the challenge.

Accept the challenge and it will ask you to tell the total number of unique armadillos. If you have counted right, you will get the answer of 5. Give the correct answer to complete the challenge and to get the armadillo transformation ability which will allow you to progress ahead in the cave. As you go ahead, you will come across the rock deposits with flint ores. Use the Handaxe to break the rocks to get the flint.

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