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Escape From Tarkov: Archive Room Key in Streets of Tarkov



Escape From Tarkov: Archive Room Key in Streets of Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov’s new map has a lot of locked doors that require a specific key to unlock it. You might obtain different kinds of keys from SCAVs, Bags, and boxes. All the locked places have different tiers of loot and you can get them by unlocking the doors with the required keys. One of the new keys in the game for the Streets of Tarkov map is the Archive Room Key which unlocks a door in one of the buildings in the Primorsky Housing Department.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which door is unlocked by Archive Room Key in Escape From Tarkov.

Unlocking Door with Archive Room Key

The Primorsky Housing Department is the residential area of the Streets of Tarkov and you can get it by following the main road that leads to Pinewood Hotel. It is in the middle of the map and once you are standing in front of the Pinewood Hotel, you will see a small alley leading towards the playground and a building. You need to go inside the building but from the back side of it. Go inside the Playground and make your way to the back of the building.

Go inside the building from the back door and go through the hallway until you reach the staircase. Go up one floor and the first door come on your left side, open it with the Archive Key. The Room has a Safe, PCs, and drawers from which you can get different types of valuables as well as Tech Supplies.

This is one of the best rooms to get the Tech Supplies and Valuables. Make sure to use the Key to get the loot while raiding in Streets of Tarkov. However, this key only has 40 uses, so you will have to find the key again to unlock the door in future raids.

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