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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Get a Taxi Car for Taxi Work



Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Get a Taxi Car for Taxi Work

In the new DLC, players will be able to make some money on the side as well by driving the Taxi. Players can now become taxi drivers and on each ride, they will be paid a decent amount of cash. However, to become a Taxi driver, players will have to get a Taxi.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Taxi Car in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Getting a Taxi Car

There are two methods to get a Taxi Car which can be mainly used for completing rides. The first method does not require any money and you can get a Taxi Car from the parking of Downtown Cab Co. However, it is not necessary that Taxi Car would be parked in the parking lot of Downtown Cab Co. If there is not any Cab parked in the lot, you will have to find one in the city which is very hard to come by.

That is why the next method is much more efficient because you will be able to buy your own Taxi from the website “Warstock Cache & Carry”. Taxi has been added to this website in the game and players can buy it at full price or they can also buy it at Trade Price. The Full Price of the Taxi is $650,000 and the Trade Price of the Taxi is $487,500. The Trade Price will be locked and it will only unlock after you have completed 10 fares in a row during Taxi Work.

Once you have completed 10 fares, you will be able to buy the Taxi at a Trade Price of $487,500. After that, you will be the owner of your own Taxi and you will be able to call the Taxi anywhere by calling the Pegasus. You will not have to waste your time finding a Taxi in the city and you can easily call your taxi to complete the fares to earn money.

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