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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Get Livery Downtown Cab Co.



Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Get Livery Downtown Cab Co.

Grand Theft Auto Online has many special vehicles in the game that comes in the category of Liveries and one of the new Liveries that has been added to the game is Downtown Cab Co. which is an old-style cab. Players will be able to get this Livery in the new DLC of the game Drug Wars.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Livery Downtown Cab Co. in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unlocking Livery Downtown Cab Co.

Like the other liveries in the game, you have to unlock them by completing a mission related to that vehicle type, and for the Livery Downtown Cab Co., it is also the same. Players will have to complete a task to unlock the special Livery. The task will require players to be recruited by Downtown Cab Co. and complete 50 fares in total. Recruited by Downtown Cab co. will allow players to complete taxi fares by dropping the passengers at their required Destinations.

If the players complete 50 fares in total, they will unlock Livery Downtown Cab Co. and it will be available for the players to buy. However, it is a hidden item and can only be seen by going to the Los Santos Customs. You will see the option of Downtown Cab Co. in the Livery section and buying this will convert your taxi into an old-style Taxi.

Since it can only be applied to the owned taxi so if you are driving a taxi that you did not buy, you will not see the option and you can only repair that vehicle. To buy the Taxi, you will have to go to the “Warstock Cache & Carry” website and you will be able to buy the Taxi at Full Price or at Trade Price. The Full Price of the Taxi is $650,000 and the Trade Price of the Taxi is $487,500. The Trade Price will be locked and it will only unlock after you have completed 10 fares in a row during Taxi Work.

After completing 10 fares, you will be able to get the Taxi at Trade Price, and then when you drive into the Los Santos Customs with your owned Taxi, you will be able to select the Downtown Cab Co. item. Downtown Cab Co. costs $26,789 and after buying it, it will be applied to your taxi.

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