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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Unlock Freakshop



Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Unlock Freakshop

There is a new DLC added to GTA Online in which players will be able to complete new missions, get new clothes, items, and much more. The DLC has all new content for the players and in this DLC players will also unlock a new garage named “Freakshop” that can be used to customize the Brickade 6×6 truck. It is also used to install the Acid Lab business and upgrade the equipment for the business.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Freakshop in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unlocking Freakshop

Freakshop is a giant workshop that is used for the modification of Brickade 6×6 as well as for the installation of Acid Lab Business. The players who want to start this new business in the game will have to unlock the Freakshop. The Freakshop is unlocked by completing the main missions of the new Drug Wars DLC.

Once have players logged into GTA Online, they will receive a Phone Call from Ron after 5 minutes into the game. Ron will ask for your help and a new mission will be indicated on the map with the letter “R”. Go to Ron and you will get to start the first mission of “First Dose”.

Unlocking Freakshop

The mission will require you to take out the Lost MC members around the Ace Liquor store. You need to kill all the Lost MC members and then the next objective will unlock in which you have to retrieve Dax’s stolen Journey. You need to go to the marker on the map in the Blaine County area and take out more members of Lost MC and then retrieve Dax’s Journey from them.

After retrieving Journey, you will make your way to the Workshop which used to be Trevor’s Warehouse in the original game. The Workshop is in Mirror Park Railyard and once you have parked the Journey in the Workshop, you will unlock Freakshop. The Workshop will be your Freakshop in which you get to start the Acid Business and customize the Brickade 6×6 which you will get after completing all 6 missions of “First Dose”.

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