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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Unlock Taxi Business



Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Unlock Taxi Business

In the new DLC of GTA Online, there are a couple of new Businesses that players can start. One of the Businesses that players can run is the Downtown Cab Co. which is the Taxi Business. The original GTA V allows players to buy the property to run the Taxi Business but it is now available for Online players as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock a Taxi Business in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unlocking Taxi Business

The players will be able to start the Taxi Work in the new DLC of GTA Online. It will only require players to go to the Downtown Cab Co. which is in the Los Santos area of the map. The Downtown Cab Co is on Tangerine Street and Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood. You can easily find it while going to the Casino.

In order to start the Taxi Business or more of a Taxi Work, players will have to stand in the white circle outside the entrance door of the Downtown Cab Co. When players stand in the white circle, they will be successfully recruited and they will be able to start the Taxi Work to make money on the side. They will not have to buy the property or the company to drive the taxi and earn money. Once they are recruited, they can ride the Taxi Car and drop the passengers at their destinations to make money.

Unlocking Taxi Business

How to Make Money with Taxi Work

Players who have been recruited as Taxi Workers can start Taxi Work by entering the Taxi. There is always one Taxi in the Downtown Cab Co. parking so feel free to take a taxi. The passengers will be indicated on the map with blue markers. You will have to pick them up and drop them at their required destination. Every ride is time limited so, you will have to drop the passengers off in time otherwise, they will deduct your fare.

Completing more rides without taking breaks or without damaging the taxi will also give you a cash bonus. You can easily do several rides without taking a break so if you are not doing any mission or any other job then you can do the Taxi Work to make money on the side.

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