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Escape From Tarkov: Backup Hideout Key



Escape From Tarkov: Backup Hideout Key

Escape From Tarkov’s new map has a lot of locked doors that require a specific key to unlock it. You might obtain different kinds of keys from SCAVs, Bags, and boxes but if you do not know which doors do they open, you might want to find the doors to get high-value items. One of the Keys for new map Streets of Tarkov is Backup Hideout Key which unlocks a door near the Cinema which is on the Northwest side of the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which door Backup Hideout Key unlocks in Escape From Tarkov.

Unlocking Door with Backup Hideout Key

The Backup Hideout Key is only a single time use meaning, it can only be used once and to use it again, you will have to find it again. You can get it from the bodies of SCAVs, bags, and boxes. Once you have the key, you need to go to the cinema. Cinema is on the Northwest side of the map and you can easily reach by following the skyscrapers on west side of map. Once you have reached cinema, the key is used to unlock a door on the left side of the cinema.

The door is labeled as “Home” and you will cross it many times in your normal runs. You need to go near the door and interact with it to unlock it. The room inside contains only a Wood box and Tool Box from where you can get base materials but there will be a hole on the Wall.

Unlocking Door with Backup Hideout Key

You cannot get through to the other side off the hole but you will see a dead body on the other side and there are some guesses regarding to this room that maybe this room might be used in future Tasks. There is also a new addition in your Hideout by a name of “Defective Wall”. Maybe players will have to fix the wall of their hideout later in the game that might have something to do with this room but we will have to wait for the future updates to find out.

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