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Escape From Tarkov: Concordia Apartment 64 Key



Escape From Tarkov: Concordia Apartment 64 Key

Escape From Tarkov’s new map has a lot of locked doors that require a specific key to unlock them. You might obtain different kinds of keys from SCAVs, Bags, and boxes. All the locked places have different tiers of loot and you can get them by unlocking the doors with the required keys. One of the new keys in the game for the Streets of Tarkov map is Concordia Apartment 64 which unlocks the 64th Apartment Door inside the Concordia Apartment Building which is on the East side of the Map.

Unlocking Door with Concordia Apartment 64 Key

Concordia Apartments are on the East side of the Map and if you do not know where to find the apartments exactly then follow the road straight from the cinema and you will see three large buildings with the Concordia Sign on top of them. Once you have reached the Concordia Apartments, go inside the third building which is on the east side. The building entrance also has a “3” label. Open the door and go up one floor of the building.

You will find a Dead Body on the stairs that are further going up. You need to open the door in front and go to the right side. The first door you will see in front will be 64. Go near and interact with the door to use the key to open it.

Where to Find Bitcoin

The Concordia Apartment 64 has a spawn of Bitcoin in the Master Bedroom. You can go inside the Master Bedroom by opening the first door in front when you enter the Apartment. Bitcoin can spawn anywhere in the room. It is a small gold coin with a Bitcoin logo on it. Search the floor, bed, and Sofa to find the Bitcoin. You can also find other valuables apart from Bitcoin as well.

Although there is not much loot in the Restroom and laundry area you can find Tech Supplies in the room at the end. The room is locked but you can open it with the same Apartment 64 Key. Inside the room, you will find a PC that you can loot for Tech Supplies. You can also find base materials as well for your hideout so do grab them as well.

The Key only has 40 uses so after using it 40 times, you will have to find it again to open the apartment in future raids.

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