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Escape From Tarkov: Container Mesh Door Key in Streets of Tarkov



Unlocking Door with Container Mesh Door Key

Escape From Tarkov’s new map has a lot of locked doors that require a specific key to unlock them. You might obtain different kinds of keys from SCAVs, Bags, and boxes. All the locked places have different tiers of loot and you can get them by unlocking the doors with the required keys. One of the new keys in the game for the Streets of Tarkov map is Container Mesh Door Key which unlocks a cage container lock near the Concordia Apartments.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which door Container Mesh Door Key opens in Escape From Tarkov.

Unlocking Door with Container Mesh Door Key

There is an area filled with containers near the Concordia Apartments and you can get there if you start walking on the main street of Concordia and come in front of the building named “Boikov Legal”. In front of that building, there is a locked area filled with containers and you can get in by going through the open area of the Sliding Door.

Go inside the area and pass the Oil Tanker. Go straight by passing the Green Container and you will see a container with a Skull drawn on it. Go right of it and you will see an opening through an area on the left side. Go into the area and you need to enter an open Beige Container on the left and you will see a Locked Cage Door. Use the Container Mesh Door Key to unlock the door.

There are several Gun Crates in the cage from which you can find modified parts of the gun. There is also a random gun spawn in the cage so you can take an extra gun as well if you want.

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