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Escape From Tarkov: How to Complete Gunsmith Part 1 – Mechanic Task (Patch 0.13)



Escape From Tarkov: How to Complete Gunsmith Part 1 – Mechanic Task (Patch 0.13)

Tasks are very important in Escape From Tarkov as they give certain EXP along with unlocking new items for the players. Completing tasks will also level up the Merchants and they will bring new items to their inventory that players can get. One of the early tasks that you will get to complete is Gunsmith Part 1 in which you have to modify a shotgun for Mechanic. In the latest patch, it is slightly been modified and players will have to get different attachments to modify the gun.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Gunsmith Part 1 of Mechanic in Escape From Tarkov.

Completing Gunsmith Part 1

Once you have reached Level 2 of your PMC character, you will unlock the first task of Mechanic “Gunsmith Part 1” in which you have to modify the MP-133 Shotgun to the specifications that Mechanic has told you in the message. The specifications that you need to fulfill while modifying MP-133 are the following.

  • 60 Durability
  • 47 or Greater Ergonomics
  • 850 or Less Recoil
  • 4 or Fewer Cells of Space
  • An Extended Magazine (6 or Greater)
  • Any Tactical Device
Escape From Tarkov: How to Complete Gunsmith Part 1 – Mechanic Task (Patch 0.13)

All of these specifications can be modified by putting the right parts on the Shotgun and you can get the Mp-133 Shotgun from Jaeger (LVL 1). This Shotgun can also be found by killing SCAVs so, if you want to get it from the SCAVs then kill a few SCAVs on any map and then do the extract with the shotgun to keep it in your inventory.

Once you have the Shotgun, you need to get the following parts for the modification of the Shotgun.

  • NCSTAR Tactical Blue Laser from Skier (LVL 1)
  • ME Cylinder 12Ga Muzzle Adapter from Jaeger (LVL 1)
  • MP-133/153 Pistol Grip from Jaeger (LVL 1)
  • ZENIT RK-6 Foregrip from Skier (LVL 1)
  • MP-133 Custom Plastic Forestock from Mechanic (LVL 1)
  • GK-02 12Ga Muzzle Brake from Jaeger (LVL 2 or also common on SCAVs shotgun)

Once you have obtained all of these parts, place your gun in the inventory with all of these parts and follow these steps.

  • Double Click on the Shotgun to see all the stats and parts of the gun and you need to remove the Wooden Stock and Forestock.
  • After that, you need to drag the new Forestock you got from Mechanic and place it on the Shotgun to equip it.
  • After that, place the rest of the parts you have bought and Modified MP-133 will be ready according to the specifications.
gunsmith part 1

After making the Shotgun, go to the Traders tab and then select the mechanic trader. Select the Gunsmith Part 1 and turn in the modified shotgun to complete the first task of Mechanic.

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