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Escape From Tarkov: The Delicious Sausage – Jaeger’s Task (Streets of Tarkov)



Escape From Tarkov: The Delicious Sausage – Jaeger’s Task (Streets of Tarkov)

Tasks are very important in Escape From Tarkov as they give certain EXP along with unlocking new items for the players. Completing tasks will also level up the Merchants and they will bring new items to their inventory that players can get. One of the early and new tasks that have been added to the game is The Delicious Sausage which is given by Jaeger. You will have to visit all the Grocery Stores in the Streets of Tarkov and hand over a Salty Dog Beef Sausage to Jaeger.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Delicious Sausage in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov: The Delicious Sausage – Jaeger’s Task (Streets of Tarkov)

Completing The Delicious Sausage

After you have unlocked Jaeger and completed his starting Tasks, he will give you a task named “The Delicious Sausage” which is a new task added in the new patch. The task requires the following objectives.

  • Scout the Shestyorochka Store at Nikistkaya Street.
  • Scout the Sparja store at Primorsky Street.
  • Scout the Sparja Store in Pinewood Hotel.
  • Scout the Goshen Store in Concordia.
  • Hand over the found raid Salty Dog Beef Sausage.

The Shestyorochka Store is on the main road that leads to the Sewer River Extraction. You need to go on the main road and go ahead from the blue broken train on the road. Stay on the right side of the door and you will come up to the store. To scout the store, you just need to go inside and just do a round of the store to complete the first objective.

The Sparja Store at Primorsky Street is next to the Collapsed Crane Extraction. To get to Sparja Store, follow the building with a crane on top of it and you will reach the Construction Site just to the side of the Construction Site, you will see the Sparja Store. You only have to do a little round in the Grocery Store to complete the second objective.

The Sparja Store in Pinewood Hotel is on the main big road on the map. The Pinewood is in the middle of the map and you can easily reach it from Sewer River Extraction. Follow the road where it intersects and go inside the Pinewood footpath and you will run into the Sparja Store. Go inside the store and walk around a bit to complete the third objective.

The Goshen Store is in the Concordia building and to find the store, you need to go inside the 3rd Concordia Building. Open the gate and go straight and then open the first door on your left after the corner. It is a small store and you just have to do a round to complete the fourth objective.

All of these Super Stores are filled with different kinds of food and you also need to find a Salty Dog Beef Sausage in the raid and you need to extract it. After that, you need to give the Sausage to Jaeger and the Task will be completed. However, you can do this task in any order, it does not require any certain order to complete.


After completing the Task, you will get the following rewards.

  • 2,600 EXP
  • Jaeger Rep +0.01
  • 10,000 Roubles
  • 2x Bolts
  • 2x Screw Nuts
  • 1x Corrugated Hose

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