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Fae Farm: How to Craft and Use the Hammered Copper Seal



Fae Farm: Craft and Use Hammered Copper Seal

Exploring the dungeons in Fae Farm will require you to go through several floors to find useful metal ores while encountering enemies. Certain metal ores only spawn on certain levels of floors for which players will have to climb through the floors to mine them. However, players can use the respective seals to skip the initial levels to directly teleport to higher levels of the dungeon to get the metal ores quickly. One of the starting seals that will allow players to skip through the initial levels of Saltwater Mines is Hammered Copper Seal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft and use the Hammered Copper Seal in Fae Farm.

How to Craft the Hammered Copper Seal in Fae Farm

The Hammered Copper Seal is one of the Dungeon Seals in Fae Farm that is used to teleport between 5 – 8 Levels of the Saltwater Mines. Players can craft the Hammered Copper Seal in the Seal Crafting Station. The Seal Crafting Station is used to craft all kinds of Seals that are used in several locations throughout the world map. Once players have crafted and placed the Seal Crafting Station on their farmland, they will be able to craft the Hammered Copper Seal with the following materials.

To craft the Hammered Copper Seal, follow the following steps.

  • Use the Seal Crafting Station.
  • Select the Hammered Copper Seal recipe.
  • Set the number of Hammered Copper Seals you want to craft and then accept the craft.
  • Wait for the Hammered Copper Seal to be crafted.

Once the Hammered Copper Seal has been crafted, it will be stored in your inventory.

How to Use the Hammered Copper Seal in Fae Farm

The Hammered Copper Seal is only used in the Saltwater Mines to skip between 5-8 levels of the dungeon. To use the Hammered Copper Seal, players need to enter the Saltwater Mines and interact with the teleporter on the 4th level of the dungeon. Hold down the interaction button to activate the portal and then select the level on which you want to teleport.

Players cannot teleport directly to 5-8 levels from the first level of the dungeon because it requires the previous pedestal activation. So, to speed up the process, use the Copper Seal on the first teleporter to go to Level 4 and then use the Hammered Copper Seal to go further ahead.

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