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Fae Farm: How to Get Arugula



Fae Farm: Arugula

Fae Farm is a new Simulation RPG that will allow players to explore and discover the secrets of the World of Azoria. As players progress through the game by completing the main questline, they will get to partake in several activities that can help players make their living better in Azoria. Foraging is one of the earliest activities and skills in the game that players can level up by gathering items and as there are several items to be gathered, one of the early items that players can find themselves looking for is Arugula.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Arugula in Fae Farm.

How to Get Arugula in Fae Farm

Arugula is one of the Seasonal Crops in Fae Farm that is mainly used in cooking for several cooking recipes. It is the Spring Seasonal Crop and can only be found in Spring. As the season changes, other seasonal crops will take the place of Arugula so, it is necessary to gather them during the Spring Season. Fortunately, players will start the game in the Spring season and during the Tidying Up quest, they will have to find 5x Arugula.

Arugula is a Green Leaf plant that will grow in the farm area in front of the players’ home in Fae Farm. To get the Arugula, players only need to locate the Arugula plant and interact with it to store it in their inventory. Unlike other plants that players have to cut, it will not require any kind of tool. Players will be able to forage it without any kind of tool by simply interacting with it.

To interact with the Arugula, press the Right-Click (Mouse) or the X Button (XBOX Controller) and the character will automatically pick up the Arugula. Later in the game, players will be able to use Arugula in the cooking recipes to make healthy food items.

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