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Fae Farm: How to Get Beech Log



Fae Farm: Beech Log

The World of Azoria is filled with exotic materials that you will get to gather as they are the primary resources that will help you craft various items and recipes. One of the common resources that you will get to gather in one of the main quests as well as in your general exploration is Beech Log.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Beech Log in Fae Farm.

How to Get Beech Log in Fae Farm

Beech Log is the most common wood in the World of Azoria and you will get to gather it for the first time during the Tidying Up quest for Merrit. The quest will require you to gather 5x Beech Log. To find the Beech Log early on, you need to explore the farm area in front of your home. The Beech Log is a small Light Color log and will require at least a Starter Axe.

To get the Starter Axe, you will have to complete the Movin In quest for Merrit to claim the Set of Starter Tools which include the Starter Axe. Once you have Starter Axe in your inventory, you will be able to get Beech Logs. Go near the Beech Logs and press the Right-Click (Mouse) or the X Button (XBOX Controller) to get Beech Logs by cutting them with the axe.

Cutting the Trees and the Dark Wood Logs with the Starter Axe will give you an error for your Axe not being strong enough. So, you will only be able to gather Beech Log in the early game until you upgrade your axe to the next level to get other types of wood.

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