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Fae Farm: How to Make Roasted Roots



Fae Farm: Roasted Roots

There are various cooking recipes for players to discover in Fae Farm. Food items can be of great use in Fae Farm as each food item contains an ability to replenish a certain element of the character. Some food items can be used to regenerate Health Bar whereas other food items can be used to replenish Energy Bar and Mana Bar. One of the recipes that players can learn early in the game is Roasted Roots which are used to replenish Energy Bar.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Make Roasted Roots in Fae Farm.

How to Make Roasted Roots in Fae Farm

Roasted Roots is one of the food items in Fae Farm that players can cook at their Cooking Fire cooking station. The ingredient required to make Roasted Roots is Turnip and players can get Turnip by growing themselves at their farm area. To grow the Turnips, players will require the Turnip seeds. Initially, players will get 9 Turnip Seeds from the Storage Shed early in the game but if players require more Turnip Seeds, they can buy them from Holly for 5 Florins each.

Plant the Turnip Seeds and water them for 3 days to get Turnip. Once players get Turnip, they will be able to make Roasted Roots. To cook the Roasted Roots, follow the following steps.

  • Press the X Button to interact with the Cooking Fire.
  • Select the Turnip ingredient by pressing the A Button.
  • Set the Prepare number by using the Left Stick or Right/Left Buttons of the D-Pad.
  • Press the A Button to confirm the number of dishes and then wait for the Roasted Roots to be prepared.
  • Press the X Button once the Roasted Roots have been cooked to collect them.

The collected Roasted Roots will be stored in your inventory which you can open by pressing the Up Button on the D-Pad. Select the Roasted Roots from the inventory to eat them and each Roasted Roots food item will replenish 20 Energy.

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