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Fallout 4: How to Get the Piggy Bank Fat Man Weapon



Fallout 4: How to Get the Piggy Bank Fat Man Weapon

The Next Gen Update of Fallout 4 contains a ton of new content for players to uncover along with the new Power Armors and Weapons to find that all are ridiculously fun and powerful. If you have played Fallout 4 before, you might be familiar with the Fat Man Launcher weapon that deals extensive damage and is very useful in taking down high-level mobs and bosses.

Well, this new update has a new kind of Fat Man Launcher and this uses explosive Piggy Banks as ammo to shoot through the Fat Man and deals great damage. This new weapon is known as Piggy Bank Fat Man and players will be able to get quite early in the update by pursuing the required new quest.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get the Piggy Bank Fat Man weapon in Fallout 4.

How to get the Piggy Bank Fat Man Weapon in Fallout 4

The Piggy Bank Fat Man launcher weapon can be obtained during the new quest called When Pigs Fly. This quest is immediately added to the Quests tab of your Pip-Boy upon updating your game to the Next Gen Update. When Pigs Fly Quest is about finding the missing schematics for the Launcher that a warring merchant named Suggs designed and bringing them back to him.

However, the quest has some twisted plot in it where you come to find out that another merchant named Marvin who used to work with Suggs stole the schematics from him. As you begin the quest and investigate Suggs’ Workshop, you will be directed to the Monsignor Plaza to enter the rival shop and find the schematics.

Here, you will find a note from Marvin revealing that he stole the schematics and ran away. Once you have reached this point in the quest, you need to find and kill Marvin to get the schematics from his body along with the Piggy Bank Fat Man weapon.

Go out of the Monsignor Plaza and follow the objective marker to reach the roof of a building across Suggs’ Workshop. Go to the left side of the building to find a staircase leading to the roof. Be careful as you go up as there will be a couple of mines. You can either destroy them or disable them to reach the roof without even getting noticed.

Reach the roof and take out Marvin’s Store Security and Marvin. Marvin will be holding the Piggy Bank Fat Man launcher so avoid the flying pigs at all costs. Eliminate Marvin and loot his body to get Grenade Launcher Schematics and then pick up the dropped Piggy Bank Fat Man weapon.

As this weapon uses specialized ammo, you will only be able to purchase the ammo from Suggs so, make sure that you defend Suggs from dying and keep him alive to be able to purchase the ammo whenever needed.

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