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Fallout 4: How to Get the Tesla Canon Weapon



Fallout 4: How to Get the Tesla Canon Weapon

The Next Gen Update of Fallout 4 contains a ton of new content for players to uncover along with the new Power Armors and Weapons to find that all are ridiculously fun and powerful. One of the new powerful weapons that players can get as early as possible is the Tesla Canon which is just hard to swap after using it for the first time.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get the Tesla Canon weapon in Fallout 4.

How to Get the Tesla Canon in Fallout 4

The Tesla Canon is an Energy Weapon recently added in Fallout 4 with the Next Gen Update and it can be obtained from two different locations. The first and main location to get the Tesla Canon is by defeating Caroni at the Skylanes Flight 1665 located in the Glowing Sea region of the map. Players will be able to reach this location during a new quest named Best of Three.

For the second location, players can get the Tesla Canon by killing an Enclave Soldier at the Atlantic Offices which is also located in the Glowing Sea region of the map. However, for this, players will have to pursue another new quest named Echoes of the Past.

Since Tesla Canon is only obtained from these quests and by killing certain enemies, the first method is a guaranteed way of getting yourself a Tesla Canon. It is because the quest itself is related to the Tesla Canon and upon defeating Caroni, the last objective of the quest is to pick up the Tesla Canon.

The Best of Three quest is a very straightforward quest that will require you to first follow a Distress Signal to find the body of a Gunner. From there, you need to investigate Gunner’s Pip=Boy to find coordinates for other Gunners. Simply go to the marked locations and follow the signal to reach the Crash Site of the plane location.

Here, you will find the last Gunner and as you go near his body, Caroni will appear with a Tesla Canon. Fight and defeat Caroni to get the Tesla Canon and complete the quest as well. Since the Tesla Canon is an Energy Weapon, it uses Fusion Cell as ammo which can be bought from several merchants across the map.

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