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Fallout 4: How to Complete the Best of Three Quest



Fallout 4: How to Complete the Best of Three Quest

Fallout 4 Next Gen Update is now live with all new quests for players to undertake and obtain all new Power Armor along with new weapons and Outfits. One of the newly added quests in Fallout 4 is Best of Three requiring players to investigate a Vault-Tec Distress Signal to find several Gunners’ bodies and what they were after.

This guide will walk you through each step of the Best of Three quest in Fallout 4.

How to Complete the Best of Three Quest in Fallout 4

How to Start the Best of Three Quest

The Best of Three Quest starts automatically when you load into the game after updating your game to Next Gen Update. You will see the quest pop-up for Best of Three on the left side when you load in and if you aren’t following any quest at the moment, the quest marker will also be displayed on the map. However, you can also follow the quest through the Quests menu of your Pip-Boy.

Listen to Vault-Tec Distress Signal

Open the Pip-Boy and navigate to the Radio tab to find the Vault-Tec Distress Signal frequency. Let it play for a bit to get the coordinates for the Distress Signal.

Investigate the Distress Signal Coordinates

Now, open the map to see the marked location for the coordinates somewhere in the Glowing Sea. Keep following the objective marker to find a Gunner’s Body.

Search the Gunner for evidence

Go over to the body of Gunner and pick up the Gunner Holotape from his body. Now, open the Pip-Boy and navigate to the Miscellaneous category of the Inventory to find the holotape. Select it to insert the holotape to your Pip-Boy and then select the Instructions for Crane entry to get information on what happened to the Gunner.

Access the Gunner’s Pip-Boy

Head over to the Gunner’s Body again and press the respective button for the Download Pip-Boy Data option to access the Gunner’s Pip-Boy. It will give you the coordinates of another Gunner.

Investigate the Gunner Pip-Boy coordinates

Open the map to see the marked coordinates and keep following the marker until you reach the Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church. Go around the church building and jump to the top of the tower to make your way inside the church. Be aware of the Ghouls inside the church and make sure to kill all of them before you investigate the Gunner’s Body.

Loot the items off of Gunner’s Body and then access his Pip-Boy to get coordinates for the next Gunner.

Investigate the next signal’s coordinates

Similar to the previous objective of the quest, you need to follow the marker for the coordinates to find the next Gunner Body. The Gunner’s body will be located at Relay Tower 0DB-521. Make your way to the marked location on the map and access the Pip-Boy of the Gunner’s Body. Here, you need to select the 22/10/87 entry to find out more about Vault 95 Gunners’ mission.

Listen to Gunner Signal Remnant

Once you have read the entry on Gunner’s Pip-Boy, open your Pip-Boy and navigate to the Radio tab to find the Gunner Signal Remnant frequency. Select it to let your Pip-Boy catch the strength of its frequency.

Follow the Gunner Signal Remnant

Now, follow along the higher strength of the Gunner Signal Remnant frequency to eventually reach Skylanes Flight 1665 location. Go inside the crashed plane to find the last Gunner’s body. Access the Gunner’s Pip-Boy and select the 22/10/87 entry.

Defeat Caroni

Caroni will appear nearby and try to kill you as soon as you access the entry. He will be using the Tesla Canon, a new Energy weapon in the game. Use the best weapons you have to kill and defeat Caroni.

Pick Up Caroni’s Tesla Canon

Once you have defeated Caroni, the last objective of the quest is to pick up the Tesla Canon that Caroni was using. Upon picking it up, the Best of Three quest will be concluded.


Completing the Best of Three quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 480 XP
  • Tesla Canon weapon.

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