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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the A Bit of Help From Your Friends Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the A Bit of Help From Your Friends Quest

A Bit of Help From Your Friends is a story quest in Act II: The Spark of Imagination of the A Rift in Time expansion. It is a quest for Merlin that comes available after completing The Sunken Ruins quest for Merlin. This guide will walk you through how to complete the A Bit of Help From Your Friends quest for Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the A Bit of Help From Your Friends Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

The A Bit of Help From Your Friends quest becomes available once you have completed The Sunken Ruins quest. You can find the quest in the Quests’ Menu and make it an active quest by selecting it. However, you cannot progress into the quest until you complete the following sub-quests required for the quest.

Once you have completed all three prerequisite quests and helped the respective characters, you will be able to meet everyone inside the Ancient Ruins. Speak with EVE, Gaston, and Rapunzel one by one to move on to completing the challenge in each chamber of the ruins.

Restore Power to the Ancient Console in the North Chamber

Meet EVE in the North Chamber of the Ancient Ruins and speak with her. You need to find a way to restore power to the Ancient Console located right behind where EVE is standing. To do so, you need to find and place three Ancient Power Coils into the holders on the front wall.

In order to find the Ancient Power Coils, you need to break the rocks with a coil sticking out of them and they can be found in the following locations.

  • The first one is on the left corner of the North Chamber.
  • The second one is in the main hall.
  • The third one is at the entrance of the Ancient Ruins.

Once you have picked up all three coils, place them one by one in the holders on the wall. Now, go and stand on the pedestal behind the Ancient Console to restore the power. Speak to EVE and then you will be able to move on to the remaining challenges.

Activate the Pressure Plates in the West Chamber

Go to the West Chamber to speak with Gaston and he will require your help with the pedestals in the chamber. The pedestals will be covered with rubble and he will give you an Pickaxe Upgrade to remove them. After speaking to Gaston, go inside the Chamber and remove the rubbles from each pedestal in the room.

As Gaston stands on the middle pedestal, go and speak with him. He will give you the Shiny LeFou to place on one of the smaller pedestals in the chamber. Go ahead and interact with a pedestal on either corner of the chamber to place the Shiny LeFou on it. Lastly, go and stand on the remaining pedestal in the chamber to complete the challenge in the West Chamber.

Find the Correct Melody to Activate the Pressure Plates in the East Chamber

For the last challenge, go to the East Chamber and speak with Rapunzel. She will tell you that the music wall is activated but a correct melody is required for activating the pressure plates in the chamber. The music wall will have three musical notes on it and to find the correct melody, go to the left corner of the chamber and remove the rubble using the pickaxe. Removing the rubble will reveal a note on the floor revealing the correct melody.

  • The first musical note is on the Fifth Line.
  • The second musical note is between the Third and Fourth Lines.
  • The third musical note is on the Fourth Line.

You can move the musical notes by interacting with the respective dial in front of them and once you have moved them to the right melody, the pedestals will be ready for activation. Go and stand on the pedestal left side of the musical wall to activate the pedestals in the east chamber. Speak to Rapunzel and then go to the main hall.

Completing the Quest

Go and stand on the final pedestal in the hall to open the trap door in the middle. Interact with the opened path to initiate a cutscene which will show a glimpse of Oswald running in the depth of the ruins. Follow the path ahead to reach the next room to initiate another cutscene which will conclude this quest and start The Spark of Imagination quest for Oswald.


Completing the A Bit of Help From Your Friends quest will give 1,000 Friendship Points as a reward.

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