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Fallout 4: How to Complete the Echoes of the Past Quest



Fallout 4: How to Complete the Echoes of the Past Quest

Fallout 4 Next Gen Update is now live with all new quests for players to undertake and obtain all new Power Armor along with new weapons and Outfits. In addition to this update, there is also an infamous faction known as Enclave that makes an appearance in the Wasteland and players will be able to run into them during the Echoes of the Past quest.

This guide will walk you through how to complete the Echoes of the Past quest in Fallout 4.

Echoes of the Past Quest – Walkthrough

How to Start the Echoes of the Past Quest

The Echoes of the Past Quest starts automatically when you load into the game after updating your game to Next Gen Update. You will see the quest pop-up for the Echoes of the Past on the left side when you load in and if you aren’t following any quest at the moment, the quest marker will be displayed on the map as well. However, you can also follow the quest through the Quests menu of your Pip-Boy.

Investigate the last known location of the Missing Caravan

Upon making the Echoes of the Past quest your active mission, you will see the quest marker on the bridge near a settlement called The Slog. Make your way to the bridge to find scattered blood patches and then interact with a blood patch to update the quest.

Follow the Blood Splatters

You need to follow the blood splatters on the ground to make your way to the nearby Enclave Camp. It is a very easy and straightforward sequence as the game will mark the blood splatters one by one as you follow the trail. Simply go along the objective markers to reach the camp.

Kill the hostile Soldiers

As you reach the camp, the Enclave soldiers will engage in a fight with you. There will be three soldiers and one turret that you need to get rid of. Eliminate all the threats to update the quest.

Read the Terminal for Information

Follow the objective marker to find the Terminal in the camp and then interact with it. Here, you need to select the “Download Homing Beacon Frequency” option to update the quest.

Track the Enclave Homing Beacon within the Glowing Sea

For this sequence, there will be no objective marker for the main location of the Enclave Homing Beacon. However, the quest does give you an optional location right at the edge of the Glowing Sea to begin your search for the Enclave Homing Beacon. Now, to actually track down the Homing Beacon, you need to follow its frequency which you just downloaded from the terminal.

To do so, open your Pip-Boy and head into the Radio menu. Here, select the Enclave Homing Beacon frequency, and your Pip-Boy starts showing you the strength of the frequency that it is capturing at the moment.

Now, make your way to one of the settlement locations in the Glowing Sea. It can either be the optional location that the quest suggests or one of your own discovered locations. Once there, start moving in the direction where the frequency increases and keep on going until you discover the Atlantic Offices.

TIP: Glowing Sea is full of radiation and you should become prepared with RadX and RadAway consumables. Furthermore, it is best to equip a Power Armor for this sequence.

Clear the Atlantic Officers building of Enclave Soldiers

Upon discovering the Atlantic Officers building, the quest will update and it’s time to take down all of the enemies in the area and inside the building. There will be several Enclave Soldiers inside the building and some of them will have a Power Armor of their own, so make sure that you are packed with Stimpacks and heavy weapons to eliminate them.

Enter the building to find and eliminate all the soldiers and you will get the objective to kill the colonel. The Colonel is located on the lower floor of the building behind a door. As you open the door, there will be two tripwires placed on the hole to reach the lower floor. Disable the tripwires and jump down to kill the colonel.

End the Lockdown

To end the lockdown, you need to interact with the terminal located on the same level of the building but first, you need to collect the Enclave Terminal Password from Colonel’s body. Loot the password and then go to the terminal to interact with it. Once logged into the terminal, select the “End Lockdown” option to update the quest.

Additionally, you can also choose to add more quests by selecting the Encampment Distribution option and then selecting all three camps to get their locations. Later on, after finishing this quest, you can head to all three Enclave Camps to eliminate the soldiers and get new equipment.

Leave the Building

After ending the lockdown, get out of the building and you will be encountered with a heavy backup from Enclave. There will be more soldiers with Power Armor and a Vertibird. You need to destroy the Vertibird and eliminate all the soldiers.

Upon clearing the area of all the enemies, the Echoes of the Past quest will be concluded.


Completing the Echoes of the Past Quest only gives 399 XP as a standard reward. However, since you take out a lot of Enclave Soldiers during the quest, you best loot the new weapons and Power Armor on those soldiers.

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