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Palia: How to Upgrade Ammo Pouch



Palia: How to Upgrade Ammo Pouch

The Ammo Pouch is a newly added feature to Palia in patch 0.179 which separates all types of ammo like Arrows, Smoke Bombs, and Worms from the main inventory of Backpack and puts them in a separate section. This section is described as an Ammo Pouch and works similarly to the quest section where all the quest items are stored.

As ammo can take several inventory slots depending upon the usage of your tools, the ammo pouch has its own personal slots where all the ammo types are stored. However, the initial ammo pouch only comes with one row providing you with eight slots. Fortunately, you can upgrade the ammo pouch to unlock four further rows which can give you a total of 40 slots.

This guide will help you how to upgrade the Ammo Pouch in Palia.

How to Upgrade the Ammo Pouch in Palia

The Ammo Pouch is basically another inventory space in your Backpack that is available for all the players and similar to increasing the inventory slots of your backpack, you can increase the inventory slots of the Ammo Pouch. To do so, you have to purchase the upgrades for the Ammo Pouch at Zeki’s General Store in the Kilima Village.

There are four upgrades for the Ammo Pouch available at the General Store. You can find the upgrades in the left corner as you enter the General Store. Go over to the upgrade stand for the Ammo Pouch and you will get the option to purchase the upgrade.

All the Upgrades for the Ammo Pouch in Palia are the following.

  • Ammo Pouch – Costs 250 Gold
  • Large Ammo Pouch – Costs 2,500 Gold
  • Huge Ammo Pouch – Costs 10,000 Gold
  • Deluxe Ammo Pouch – Costs 25,000 Gold

Each upgrade will unlock the locked row of inventory slots in the Ammo Pouch which includes 8 inventory slots. Getting all the upgrades will get you a total of 40 inventory slots alone for all the ammo types of your tools.

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