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Palia: How to Get Cyl the Green Plush



Palia: How to Get Cyl the Green Plush

Palia’s latest patch (0.179) includes new content related to friendship quests for four villagers along with new flowers of Bahari Bay, an ammo pouch to store all ammo types, a courtyard housing add-on for your Housing Plot, and much more. With all of the new items, there is another decorative item called Cyl the Green Plush that players can find in the Palian World.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get Cyl the Green Plush in Palia.

How to Get Cyl the Green Plush in Palia

Cyl the Green Plush is the new decorative item in Palia that can only be obtained by scavenging the Rummage Piles over in Bahari Bay. The Rummage Piles were initially introduced in Kilima Valley but later pushed on to Bahari Bay with the Patch 0.177. However, the Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay are different than in the Kilima Valley as they are presented by ship debris pieces, unlike the sand patches in Kilima Valley.

Now, that you know what Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay look like, you need to go over to the coastal areas of Bahari Bay which includes the Statue Garden, Coral Shores, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Beachcomber Cave. Upon finding a Rummage Pile, go near it to scavenge it and you might have a chance you get the Green Cylinder (Cyl the Green Plush).

However, keep in mind that you can only scavenge one Rummage Pile once per day and they have a chance of dropping various items like resources, décor items, and quest items. So if you haven’t got the Green Cylinder on your first scavenge, you need to keep coming back to scavenge them every day to eventually get the Green Cylinder.

What is the Green Cylinder in Palia?

As you read above, we mentioned a Green Cylinder instead of Cyl the Green Plush. Well, the name of the Plush in Palia, when you find it from the Rummage Piles, is Green Cylinder yet, it is the same Cyl the Green Plush that Palia showcased in their patch Notes (0.179).

Upon finding it, you will be able to place it down in your Housing Plot along with all the others decorative items.

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