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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – How to Recruit Huang



Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – How to Recruit Huang

There are over one hundred playable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes that players will get to unlock throughout their playthrough. Some of the characters are unlocked as a part of the main storyline while the rest of the characters are needed to be found and complete a certain task related to them.

One of the characters that players will be able to recruit for side content rather than a combatant and support character is the Fishing Drifter, Huang This guide will provide you with information on how to recruit Huang to your party in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Where to Find Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Huang is found in two spots in your first main storyline playthrough. The first and earliest spot for Huang is Arenside, the starting area of the game. However, Huang will not be present at Arenside during the starting mission of the game. You must progress through the earlier missions and reach Eltisweiss. Once there, you will be able to make your way back to Arenside by returning to Grum County-North.

After getting to Arenside, make your way to the southwest side of the city to find Huang beside the wooden bridge. Speak with Huang and choose the “Love it” dialogue to get yourself a Bamboo Rod. At this point, you will only unlock the Fishing capability and not be able to recruit Huang.

Now, to find Huang again, you need to keep progressing in the main story until you reach the town of Hishahn. You cannot miss this place as there is a main quest tied to it. Once there, go to the eastern side of the town to find Huang beside the river.

NOTE: if you haven’t met Huang before earlier in the game, speaking to him at Hishahn will give you the Bamboo Rod, unlocking the fishing capability for you.

How to Recruit Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Upon finding Huang in Hishahn, speak with him to come to know that he wants us to catch a Wheel-eyed Bream fish for us to be able to recruit him. Now, Wheel-eyed Bream is only located in certain fishing spots and fortunately, there is one nearby.

To get to the fishing spot, exit Hishahn, and continue in the east direction to the Seaside Cavern and then to the southeast direction to eventually reach a fishing spot. Press the interact key to start fishing and you will eventually catch the Wheel-eyed Bream fish.

Once you have caught the fish, return to Huang and speak to him to show the fish. Here, you will get the “You have a place with us” dialogue option. Select it to recruit Huang.

As mentioned earlier, Huang is not a combatant character or supporter, you only recruit him to build Fishing Spots in your Home Base which eventually leads to other functions as well like Mission Guild and the Racing Stables.

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