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Palia: How to Build a Courtyard



Palia: How to Build a Courtyard

Palia’s latest patch (0.179) includes new content along with several new additions like an ammo pouch, new flowers of Bahari Bay, a Courtyard Housing Add-on, and much more. As decorating your Housing Plot and the houses is one of the biggest features in Palia, getting yourself the new courtyard building will be a place to start in this new patch.

This guide will provide you with information on how to build a courtyard in Palia.

How to Build a Courtyard in Palia

Similar to all the Housing Add-ons for your Housing Plot, the new Kilima Courtyard building foundation can be found at the City Hall Store in the Kilima Village. Once at the store, interact with the Cash Register to browse the foundations and then scroll down to find the Kilima Courtyard. It will cost you 20,000 Gold to purchase this foundation.

Now, to build the Courtyard, go back to your Housing Plot area and go into the Housing Menu by pressing the H button. Select the Backpack icon on the left side to view the available foundations and furniture items. Find and select the Kilima Courtyard foundation and then place it next to the House or any other Housing Add-on.

NOTE: Kilima Courtyard cannot be placed alone because it is a Housing Add-on and not a Standalone structure.

After placing down the foundation of the Courtyard. It’s time to add the required materials to build it. Go over to the foundation sign of the courtyard and add the following materials.

  • 100x Sapwood Plank
  • 35x Stone Brick

Both of these materials are refined materials and can be crafted in a Sawmill and a Smelter respectively. After getting all the materials and adding them to the foundation, the only thing left to do is to wait Four Hours (real-time).

After four hours, the Kilima Courtyard will be constructed with open-style sections which you can further edit with various configurations like Stairs, Open No Rail, Open W/ Rail, and Solid.

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