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Manor Lords: Tips & Tricks Beginner’s Guide



Manor Lords: Tips & Tricks Beginner’s Guide

Ruling your starting land and expanding to other lands as a medieval lord in Manor Lords will take a lot more than just regular city-building strategies. Manor Lords is a complex and much more in-depth city-building game mixed with large-scale battle mechanics followed by economics and social systems.

However, knowing about either large-scale battle video games or city-building games does help you in Manor Lords but getting things done in it will require you to manage things more accordingly so that your people/families won’t die unnecessarily or slow down due to sickness.

This guide is focused on providing you with several Tips and Tricks related to the early playthrough of Manor Lords and will help you get a better start for your playthrough.

Manor Lords – Beginner’s Guide

Beginning your journey as a Medieval Lord will give you a bunch of resources to plot out your initial choice of land. Before you get to map out the region with the roads, view the map of your region to see which resources are available and at what distance they are located from your starting point in the region.

As it is the very first step that you should get your thoughts on, our very first tip is regarding this as well.

Select the Starting Region Carefully

Before you select your starting region, you must look at each region to see which essential resources they contain and at what distance your workers would have to go and get them every day or per season. Almost all the regions offer the same initial resources at the start but every region has its own starting location from where you get to plot out the land and turn your initial stockpiling area into a town/city.

Getting the Necessary Fundamentals

The basic necessary fundamentals in Manor Lords are Food, Fuel, and People. Start plotting the area by building the roads leading to the nearby forest to get Wood which both work as Timber and Fuel. After that, build the Logging Camp near to the forest where you are currently getting wood from to make it easy for the cutters to collect wood. However, don’t assign all of the families to the Logging Camp as you need at least one of them working on building structures like Farmhouses, Granaries, Storehouses, and many more.

For the food, your initial choice would be to collect the berries before they rot away along with the season. Place down the Woodcutter’s Lodge to get the berries for the season and you can increase the efficiency of getting more berries by placing the lodge as close as possible to the berry spot. However, keep in mind that the berries also have to be brought back to town for storage so choosing a mid-point between berry area and town will be good.

In addition to berries, you also need to hunt down the wild animals to get food quickly. To do so, you need to place the Hunter’s Camp near the Wild Animal’s territory to let the hunters get food quickly. However, suppose you place the hunter’s camp within the vicinity of wild animals. In that case, the animals will migrate to a new location so keep the hunter’s camp at a safe distance where the animals won’t run away and you can easily get the supply of food for the families.

Building a Town

Start building your town by constructing houses for your families so that they don’t stay homeless. While mapping out the area for their houses, always give them a little extra space as it can be used for other things like growing vegetables in the backyard, turning it into a workshop, chicken farm, and much more.

While you build houses for the families, don’t forget to build a Marketplace as it is an essential place where all of the families will be able to fulfill their requirements. Fulfilling the requirements of the families is crucial as it will make them happy and keep your Approval rate high for the land. The Approval is basically what allows you to have more people in your town. Having an approval percentage of 50% will get you one Family a month whereas, having an approval of 75% will get you two Families a month.

However, you will also have to keep an eye on the Living Space as it is what determines how many families can actually accommodate a house in the town. Make sure that you have more space or that your Burgage Plots have enough space for new families to build a house on them.

Another essential tip is that don’t be afraid of building roads, especially around the town. It is because people can walk more comfortably and quicker on roads. Building roads is free so go ahead and map out your land as you like.

Build these Structures after Homing Your Families

Once your families have a home and the cycle of life is going well, it is time to step up your town by building these three structures.

  • Church
  • Manor
  • Trading Post

Church is one of the required buildings in your town as it will raise influence which is required for expansion (taking over a new region). Moreover, it is also the very place to bury the dead.

Manor is where you can start initiating tax on the land and citizens to start earning money or you can offer food to the church which will also raise influence.

Lastly, the Trading Post is where all of your trading takes place. Exporting your land’s goods to other regions or even importing goods from other regions. Exporting the goods that are in demand will help you earn money or Regional Wealth. Keep in mind that the money you gain from taxing is Treasury which has its own use (mostly related to war), whereas the Regional Wealth is the total money available in the hands of your families.

As you progress further into the game, you will start noticing that many high-level buildings or upgrades cost Regional Wealth. That is why increasing your Regional Wealth is important and the Trading Post will help you the most in it.

Level Up Your Settlements

While you build your settlement and fulfill the requirements of the families, you will start completing the milestones of your settlement which will reward you with Development Points. You must invest in these points to unlock better bonuses for your structures, food, fuel, and much more. In addition to the development, you can also enact new policies for your people which might help you gain more percentage of Approval.

However, keep in mind that upgrading your settlement will also increase the requirements of the families. For instance, where families are happy with one type of meal per day, they might ask for two types of meals per day otherwise, they will start to get unhappy. Despite the increase in requirements, upgrading the settlements is crucial for progressing in the game and unlocking new structures and upgrades for the Burgage Plots.

Additional Tips for Mid-Game

Apart from all of the early tips and tricks for your playthrough, you will be soon reaching a point where you have to start recruiting Militia for your town’s protection. The reason why we didn’t acknowledge this in the early game is because the Manor Lords don’t focus much on combat in the early game progression.

When you have gained enough Treasury from taxes, you can choose to recruit a militia that will cost you monthly for the protection of your town from Bandits. As bandits attack randomly, it is best to have a militia at your back to eliminate the threat and also get vital resources from them.

Furthermore, you will also be planning to expand your rule to other regions and this is where mostly the end-game phase takes place. Expanding your lands will firstly require Influence which is earned through Churches, repelling the enemy forces, or defeating the enemy forces while marching to another region.

Upon having enough influence for a region, you will be able to acclaim it and then start all over again as you did with your starting region.

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