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Palia: How to Complete the Sins of the Father Quest



Palia: How to Complete the Sins of the Father Quest

The Sins of the Father is a Friendship Level 5 quest for Ashura added newly in Palia in the latest patch. Players will get to unlock this quest upon reaching Friendship Level 5 with Ashura and completing the A Family Matter quest.

This guide will walk you through how to complete the Sins of the Father quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Sins of the Father Quest in Palia

Starting the quest

Reaching Friendship Level 5 with Ashura will bring Auni to your Housing Plot area. Go to the Housing Plot to speak with Auni and she will hand you over Ashura’s Old Logbook. It will initiate the Sins of the Father quest giving you the objective to return the book to Ashura to learn about what he has written in the book.

Learn Ashura’s Past

Open the map to find Ashura and go over to him to hand over the book. Ashura will share his nightmares regarding his past and the Umbraan War. After the dialogue, go over to Caleri while she is at the Library. Speak to Caleri and ask her about the war.

Upon speaking with Caleri, she will give you the A Fight With No Victor book. Read the book to learn about the history of the war. Now, go back to Ashura and speak with him.

Help Ashura in the Offering

Ashura will feel better and he will tell you that he needs to build an offering to Sabine for which you have to get the following items.

After getting all the items, return to Ashura to hand over the items to him. Now, wait a few moments until a letter is received in the mail at the Housing Plot. Read the letter and make your way to Ashura’s room at the Inn and speak with him to give him the final encouragement so he can send it out.

As the conversation ends, the Sins of the Father quest will be completed.


Completing the Sins of the Father quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 1x Ashura’s Carved Sernuk
  • 35 Renown

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