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Fantasy Zone and Shinobi are coming to the Nintendo switch



Fantasy Zone and Shinobi are coming to the Nintendo switch

Sega Ages is a series of video game ports, remakes, and compilations published by Sega. It consists of Sega arcade games and home console games, typically those for the Sega Genesis and Master System. The series was launched on the Sega Saturn in 1996. The company announces two games Shinobi and Fantasy Zone for the Nintendo switch. Both games will be released on the Nintendo Switch with new features like leaderboards, replays and features designed to make passing easier for today’s players.

The first game in the Shinobi series was released in 1987 on arcade machines, and eventually it was ported to other systems and consoles. Its constant hero is the ninja Joe Musashi, and in the first part he must free his students and deal with the terrorists.

On the other hand, The surrealistic arcade game Fantasy Zone was released in 1985 and was also initially available on an arcade machine. There are eight planets in the Fantasy Zone world, and they are all captured by aliens that look deceptively cute. The living spacecraft Opa-Opa will destroy them all.

The premiere will take place on January 23.

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