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Farming Simulator 22- Crossplay: Play together on different platforms



Farming Simulator 22: Growing & Harvesting Potatoes & Sugar Beets

In addition to some new features, the “Farming Simulator 22” community is probably most pleased about the implementation of the crossplay function for the first time. A cross-platform farming simulation is finally possible. That means: The different consoles can play among themselves in multiplayer, but also consoles and PC and/or Mac. You can find out everything about crossplay in FS22 in our guide.

What is crossplay (cross-platform multiplayer)?

As already teased, a crossplay function enables you to play with your friends across platforms. While you are playing the FS22 on the PC or Mac, you can invite other people to your virtual farm, even though they are playing from their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X. The whole thing is now even possible via Stadia.

Before the feature existed, FS enthusiasts could run a shared farm exclusively on the same platform: from PC to PC and from console to console. To the greatest annoyance of the fans, after all, they had already bought the game and only a few were ready to get the FS for another platform.

But: GIANTS Software remedies this unspeakable fact in the FS22, whereby your farm together with a group of six to 16 players. The maximum group size depends on the host of the server. If a server is hosted by the PC, the group can consist of 16 people. If, on the other hand, you host from the console, there are only six. The same applies to rented servers.

How is the progress saved in crossplay?

The joint progress is saved on the host of the group. On the PC, you should make sure that you do not continue to play the common score in the single-player. If you save again, the save game will be overwritten and the game will only recognize it for the single-player. In this case, you have to start a new game with your group.

Does the voice chat work in the crossplay of FS22?

Farming Simulator 22 also supports cross-platform voice chat. There is also a text chat, which can only be actively used from the PC. You can read the text chat on the console, but you cannot write it back.

Can I use mods and DLCs?

Before there was a cross-platform LS, the same platforms could already use mods and DLCs in multiplayer games. This is also possible in FS22 via crossplay. The prerequisite is: All must have the same mods.

The consoles can only get modifications via the official mod hub in the game. For this reason, no downloaded mods may be smuggled in from the network via the PC.

Note: Mod use is not possible via Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service. You can only play Farming Simulator 22 there in the basic version.

Farming Simulator 22 Crossplay: The host server

  • Go to the “Multiplayer” option in the main menu and press “Create Game” to host your own server.
  • Choose a saved game or create a new one for the common yard.
  • Select the mods you want to play with and deactivate the modifications that your counterpart does not have.

The port is preset to 10823 and should be accessible to other players without any problems. If it doesn’t work the first time, activate UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). If the problems persist, check the port forwarding in the settings of your router and firewall.

Note: To prevent other players from joining your closed group in FS22, set a password before starting the server or simply deactivate the crossplay option in the “Create Game” menu.

Rent a dedicated server

In addition to the first variant, there is also the option of renting a dedicated server. So you rent an external server that you access with your group. One person takes on the role of admin. The role is selected in the configuration settings.

The special role as admin enables you to set a password for the server, to make changes to the courts, or to set rights for fellow players. You can recognize the current admin of the server by an additional symbol in the farm administration. You call it up in the options menu.

As an admin, you can click on the name of a player to define the rights. Here you determine whether the person is allowed to buy vehicles and which changes they can make on the server.

In order to support someone else’s farm financially, you as an admin or farm operator have the option of transferring money. Pay close attention to who you are paying to. A chargeback is no longer possible.

Create a dedicated server yourself

Do you want to set up your own dedicated server? Then look around in the installation folder of Farming Simulator 22 for the PDF guide. There you will find detailed instructions on how to set up and manage it. If you set up a dedicated server, make sure that you need a game license. Each dedicated server needs its own.

Join a server in Farming Simulator 22

Click on “Multiplayer” in the main menu and select the option “Join Game”. In the left list, you choose the farm that you want to join. In addition to the farm name, you can see how many players are on the server and which map is being played on.

On the right side, you can filter the courts according to different categories – for example, according to the game name, according to the desired number of players, and much more. If necessary, enter the password if the host has set one. Then you join the game. If you end the game as the host, all connections will be disconnected and your friends will be removed from the server.

It looks a little different with a dedicated server. By default, the game pauses as soon as there are no more players on the server. In the settings, you can also make adjustments so that the time continues to run on an empty server. This increases the level of difficulty drastically and makes Farming Simulator 22 a full-time job.

The harvest continues to grow and animals are slowly getting hungry. If you are traveling on such a server, you should look for a vacation or even weekend substitutions in case you cannot play. Otherwise, the farm will go down the drain faster than you can say “cultivator”.

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