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Farming Simulator 22: Harvesting, selling, and producing sunflower oil



Farming Simulator 22: Harvesting, selling, and producing sunflower oil

In the new farming simulator, you can grow and harvest various crops. The harvested crops can then either be sold directly or processed into other products in the various production facilities. The available crops also include sunflowers. In this article, we have created a short guide on how to harvest the sunflowers, sell them and process them into oil in an oil mill.

Plant and harvest sunflowers

As with other crops, the sunflowers can also be planted with a conventional seed drill. When you have prepared the field so far, you can fill the seed drill with seeds and plant the sunflowers. When the sunflowers are ready for harvest, the plants can be harvested with a maize picker but also with a special cutting unit such as the Helianthus 5700 or the Helianthus 12000, which are specially designed for sunflower harvesting. Compared to a conventional maize picker, the cutting unit has, among other things, a higher harvesting speed and thus shortens the duration of the harvest.

Selling sunflowers and making sunflower oil

The sunflowers can be sold at various points of sale such as the Farmers Markets or loaded onto a train and sold in Goldcrest Valley(depending on the selected map). The sunflowers can also be used as feed for the pigs and processed into sunflower oil in an oil mill. You can either buy the oil mill directly on the map (if one is available) or build it using the construction mode under “Factories” for €80,000. Sunflower oil is then produced from the sunflowers delivered to the oil mill and stored on pallets in front of the production facility for further transport or sale (with the Keep output mode). The sales outlets for the sunflower oil include the shopping center, the various restaurants, and the farmers market.

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