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Emptying Farming Simulator 22 baler: Unload unfinished bales



Emptying Farming Simulator 22 baler: Unload unfinished bales

If you’ve been playing Farming Simulator 22 and have been mowing grass or producing hay and straw, you’ve likely used a baler to collect and transport them to your desired location. Just like its predecessors, FS22 allows you to press bales, including both square and large round bales. However, players often wonder how to unload unfinished bales in the game.

When using the baler, you can track the progress of bale production at the bottom right of the screen. Once the progress bar reaches 100 percent, you should see the finished bale at the back of the baler. To unload the bale, simply switch off the baler and press the Z button. But what about the unfinished bales? Can you completely empty the baler, including unloading 50 percent of an unfinished bale?

Unfortunately, the straightforward answer is no, at least not without mods. In Farming Simulator 19, there were mods available that allowed the unloading of “Unfinished Bales,” but as of now, we haven’t found a similar mod for FS22. However, there are a few tricks you can try to deal with unfinished bales. If you have a half-finished bale made of grass and you intend to produce straw bales, you can collect the straw. Once you reach a certain quantity, the grass will automatically convert into the straw, ensuring you don’t end up with half grass and half straw bales. Another option is to reset the tractor with the baler using the map, as in the previous game, which will empty the baler for you.

While unloading unfinished bales may not be as straightforward as unloading finished bales, these workarounds can help you manage them effectively in Farming Simulator 22. Keep an eye out for mods in the future that may provide additional options for unloading unfinished bales. Until then, experiment with these tricks and make the most of your baling experience in the game.

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