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Fill and empty Farming Simulator 22 silo



Fill and empty Farming Simulator 22 silo

Anyone who has grown a lot of grain in the fields in Farming Simulator 22 will sooner or later ask themselves where to store the wheat, millet or barley, or oats. Storage not only makes sense if you use the grain for feeding the animals and want to store it temporarily but also to achieve higher sales prices outside the harvest season you need a silo to store the grain safely and dry. In this guide, we show how you can build a silo on the FS22, fill it with grain and empty it again.

Buy and build a silo

Depending on which map you start on in Farming Simulator 22, there are usually one or the other silos on the farm. Of course, you can buy additional silos at any time, as long as your virtual account balance allows it. The silos can be bought via the construction mode (Shift key + P key) under “Buildings” and “Silos” as well as “Silo extensions”. The silos from the manufacturer Unia can be filled relatively easily as described below, for the silos from the manufacturer Meridian you still need a screw conveyor.

  • Unia FARMA 400 + OBI 1000 – 400,000 l – €117,000
  • Unia FARMA 500 + OBI 1000 – 500,000 l – €125,000
  • Unia FARMA 800 + OBI 1000 – 800,000 l – €147,000
  • Meridian FLAT BOTTOM BIN 3608 – 980,000 l – €72,000
  • Meridian FLAT BOTTOM BIN 3609 – 1,100,000 l – €84,000
  • Meridian NL16-22 2000 – 2,000,000 l – €198,000
  • Meridian NL16-22 6000 – 6,000,000 l – €503,000
  • Meridian NL16-22 16000 – 16,000,000 l – €1,245.00

In addition, there are silo extensions that can be used to expand the storage capacity of the silos. The silo extensions simply have to be bought close to the existing silos and the capacity is increased.

Fill and empty the silo

The simple silos can be filled more easily with a tipper or directly with a thresher via the pipe. To do this, simply drive/stand over the unloading point and the message “Start overloading” should appear on the screen. In order to empty the silo again you can drive the tipper/trailer under the silo and when you stand correctly under the pipe, “Start filling” appears and you can select the desired grain from the silo and empty it.

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