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God of War guide: Location of all Valkyries



God of War guide: Location of all Valkyries

God of War is full of secrets, challenges, and missions throughout the Nordic lands, and waiting for God of War: Ragnarok, it is not a bad time to complete the game as much as possible. One of those challenges is to defeat the Valkyries that are scattered all over the world, being combats only suitable for warriors. Therefore, in the following guide, we leave you the location of each of them and some important aspects to take into account. Do not miss it!

Valkyries location in God of War

In total, there are 8 Valkyries to defeat before facing the Queen of Valkyries, one of the strongest enemies in the game. Its location is as follows:

  • Kara: found in Midgar, in the Witch’s Chamber. This Valkyrie summons secondary enemies, so AoE attacks are very useful.
  • Geirdriful – Found in Midgar, in the Chamber of the Slopes. It is a Valkyrie that usually attacks from a distance, throwing feathers, plummeting, or throwing lightning bolts.
  • Eir: found in Midgar, in the Mountain Chamber. She is a fighter at close range, so it is advisable to attack her from afar, throwing our ax if possible.
  • Gunnr: found in Midgar, in the Corpse Chamber of Thamur. She is an easy Valkyrie to block since when her sword turns yellow she is going to attack. Once stunned, it is time to attack him with everything we have.
  • Olrun – Found in Alfheim and vulnerable to fire, so using the Blades of Chaos is a great option against her.
  • Rota: it is found in the Chamber of Helheim and it is a very powerful Valkyrie that does not give much respite. Knowing your patterns is important in order to dodge to the right.
  • Gondul: we can face her when we complete the Muspelheim missions. It uses fire as its main weapon, so we will have to dodge its attacks so as not to burn ourselves. When we see that he has to recover, it is time to attack.
  • Hildr – Found at the end of the Niflheim labyrinth. It is recommended to have the Armor of Ivaldi to have resistance to the fog in the labyrinth. She is a Valkyrie that deals long-range damage, so keep your distance.

Queen of the Valkyries

To get to it, we will have to have defeated the rest of the Valkyries. Then, we have to go to Midgar and place the helmets of the warriors in the High Council room. Defeating Sigrun is not going to be easy, since she uses the attacks of the rest of the Valkyries and has much more life than the rest. It is a long fight and you have to arm yourself with patience to apply everything you have learned with the rest.

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