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God of War Guide: Locating All Idunn Apples



God of War Guide: Locating All Idunn Apples

In God of War we are going to face terrible enemies like the Valkyries and therefore, taking care of our health is of vital importance. The Idunn Apples will allow us to increase our maximum life and they are scattered throughout the world, therefore, in the following guide, we show you the location of each of them so that you have no rival in combat. Do not miss it!

Idunn Apples Location in God of War


  • Wild Forest: after the first fight, you have to destroy a wooden plank to reach a room where you have to destroy three bottles of stamps. The apple will be when you open the chest.
  • River crossing: after the first encounter with an apparition, we have to go to the right. The chest is in an open area. We will have to repeat the jar’s puzzle.
  • Mountain: we will find it during history. We will have to move the bridge to get to the chest.
  • Watchtower: in the beach area, near the mills, you will find the following chest.
  • Temple of Tyr: if we inspect the temple well, going down the left from the store, we will find some spiked walls that we have to pass to get to the next chest.
  • Light Elves Outpost: After the water has drained from the lake, the chest will appear. The runes are found on the tower walls in the Lake of Nine.
  • Forgotten Caverns: northwest of the Lake of Nine, we will find another chest with an apple. We have to throw the ax at the runes hanging from the spinning device.


  • In the temple, when we get to the area where we use the sand bowl, we have to lower the platform twice, freeze the mechanism, break the runes and take the chest.
  • The second block in the area is on Southeast Beach.

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