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God of War Guide – All Trophies and How to Get Them



God of War Guide - All Trophies and How to Get Them

Today we bring you a complete guide with all the achievements or trophies of God of War. The complete list to get 100% in this adventure from Santa Monica Studio. In 2022 it came out for PC, ceasing to be exclusive to Sony.

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, and PC ( Steam )
  • Hours for 100%: 50 hours approx.
  • Games for 100%: 1 game
  • Online Achievements: No
  • Difficulty: Does not influence

God of War has a total of 37 achievements. No matter the difficulty, there is not even a missable achievement, you can play calmly and then clean some areas. So enjoy the story and collect what you can without pressure.

Father and sonGet the rest of the trophies/achievements
The journey beginsDefend your home from the unknown
A new friendSurvive the witch’s forest
Homey feelingLet the light elves come home
Dragons killerDefeat the mountain dragon
Troubled consequencesDefeat Magni and Modi
Hello old friendsRecover the Blades of Chaos
Promise keptHeal Atreus
Round 2Rescue Atreus
Ghosts of the pastTake the ship out of Helheim
Twilight callDefeat Baldur
Last wishScatter the ashes
Under the surfaceExplore everything in the Lake of Nine
Death passed through hereExplore Veithurgard fully
TrilingualLearn the languages ​​of Muspelheim and Niflheim
Dwarf IngenuityUpgrade a piece of armor
good movesObtain a Rune Attack Gem
The garden of IðunnImprove your health completely
Bad moodImprove your anger completely
Best dressedCraft an outfit for Atreus
CharmedInsert an enchantment into the armor
All will fallKill 1000 enemies
Dangerous skiesFree all dragons
Like water and oilDo all the favors for Brok and Sindri
AntiquarianCollect all the finds
Supreme Father blindedKill all of Odin’s ravens
The best movesFully upgrade a runic attack
WorthyFully upgrade the Leviathan ax
How to resist?Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos
The path of the fanaticObtain the Traveler’s Armor Set
PrimordialObtain the Ancient Armor Set
Pending issuesHelp all the lost spirits
Treasure hunterUse treasure maps to find all the collection points
The truthRead all the shrines in Jötnar
Fire and brimstonePass all Muspelheim Trials
Darkness and fogObtain all the treasures in the central chamber
Judgment of the fallenDefeat the nine Valkyries

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