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Farming Simulator 22: Silage, how to create, what is it for?



Farming Simulator 22: Silage, how to create, what is it for?

The silage in Farming Simulator 22 is nothing more than fermented grass, which is easier than you might think. For this, you need a field with mowed grass (you can, or rather you have to sow it first, wait a few months and mow it even with the cheapest mower), as well as a baler that has the option of wrapping bales with a special tape.

Way with wrapped bales of grass

The tool can be a Claas Rollant 455 costing around 78,000 (it is also used to create straw and hay bales). Once you have cut the grass, rake it into rows with any rake, then go to the field and use the baler to create wrapped bales.

Now wait at least one day for the grass bales (the preview photo shows straw, which cannot be made into silage!) Into silage. After you approach each bale, the status of the item should be displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

When “silage” is written instead of “grass”, you can collect the bales from the field with a turner and forks or a loader and put them in a safe place (for storage until winter, where the buyers offer the most for this type of product) or in a trough for cows.

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