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Find and defeat the ancient beast in Resident Evil 8 Village



Find and defeat the ancient beast in Resident Evil 8 Village

How to find and defeat the Ancient Beast enemy in Resident Evil 8 Village, and get a reward worth 80,000 Lei.

The Ancestral Beast is one of the optional enemies (and also one of the toughest monsters) that we find in Resident Evil 8 Village. So why face this creature? The answer is simple because Ethan Winters is a hero who will not leave any of the creatures alive … and above all because he will leave us a great reward.

The Ancestral Beast appears in the village when it begins to dawn. It is in a place that we have visited before in the game, the orchards, and it is a small sample of the “backtracking” that has been introduced in the game. We don’t really need to go through here again (although we would miss some details of the story.

To face him, it is best to go to the orchards after having solved the Moreau section (the dam) when we are already equipped with the Magnum revolver, as we have told you in another article in our Resident Evil 8 Village guide.

The monster hides in the tall grasses, as the Lycans had done before. And we can finish him off using the most powerful weapons: the revolver and the grenade launcher. The prize for our victory is the ancient crystal beast that is worth 80,000 Lei in the Duke’s shop.

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