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Fortnite filters nearly 40 new types of fish that would come to the game in the future



Fortnite filters nearly 40 new types of fish that would come to the game in the future

Despite the fact that the latest addition has brought the patch 13.40 of Fortnite has been confirmed as one of the best news that the battle royale has introduced in recent months, the latter being the new car of the Season 3, the truth is that we can’t forget that Epic Games released a series of mechanical with the arrival of Chapter 2 to the game that have a huge potential to be exploited.

We speak, specifically, of the possibility of launching the hook of our fishing rod in the water to give us with a number of fish that will allow us to recover life and shields; a limitation in the possibilities of these objects in the battle royale that would be eliminated by the own Epic Games, according to the latest leaks that have come to light from the work of the community dataminers of Fortnite.

The thing is that the data miner known as HYPEX has set out to dive into the code lines of the game’s latest update to carry out a great discovery: Epic Games is working on up to 38 new types of fish for Fortnite. Next, we leave you with a provisional image of them that the leaker shared through his Twitter account so you can see what they look like.

However, this leak does not allow us to know when Epic Games plans to bring these new types of fish to Fortnite or what advantage each of them would bring us. Therefore, we will be extremely attentive to the next steps that the company takes to bring you any news that sheds some more light on all this.

Finally, we can not forget that every major update of Fortnite comes accompanied not only by new mechanics but a handful of unpublished cosmetic items that will appear in the store in the coming days and can be obtained for a handful of turkeys. We remind you that you can get them at the best price on the market thanks to Eneba by clicking on this same link.

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