Rocksteady confirms new Suicide Squad game and its release date

Rocksteady confirms new Suicide Squad game and its release date

To the heights to which we are currently in, it would be very unreasonable to deny the fact that the saying “if the river sounds, water bears” can be applied perfectly within the video game industry; especially if we take into account the fact that it is more common that seems to arise many rumors about a certain project and then end up being confirmed by their own responsible, being the new game of Suicide Squad that I’ll talk about in this article.

The thing is that after all those voices that stood up to ensure that Rocksteady, creators of The Batman: Arkham saga, were working on a Game Of Suicide Squad and a couple of records that supported these same rumors, the development studio itself has taken a step forward to make the announcement official: the project is a reality and will be presented next August 22 at the DC FanDome. Next, we pass to share with you the first official image that exists about the game:

The thing is that this same image allows us to already intuit some details about this new Game Of Suicide Squad, which point to the character of Superman would play an important role within the title; something that would perfectly agree with that other handful of rumors that pointed to Warner Bros. Games was working on something related to the superhero.

Be that as it may, we only have to finish the information that we wanted to share with all of you along these same lines remembering that in Areajugones we will be extremely attentive in the coming days to Rocksteady with the aim of bringing you any news that comes to light about the New Game Of Suicide Squad and, above all, to the DC FanDome of the day 22 of August where the title will be presented to the world.

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