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FS22 Earning Extra Money and Resources – Jobs Trick



FS22 Earning Extra Money and Resources - Jobs Trick

Do you want to earn extra money in Farming Simulator 22? We have found a trick with which you can earn a few thousand euros extra without much effort.

One of the features in the FS22 is the contracts. Contracts are orders from other farmers that you can accept and fulfill. These jobs are divided into different categories, fertilizing, cultivating, sowing, and baling. You can get extra money or resources through certain jobs.

Only jobs where you have to extract and deliver resources are suitable for this. For example, you can earn some extra money with a “ baling ” job. And that’s how it works:

You don’t have to work 100% of the field for any job, mostly it’s only 80 to 90%. You can monitor the status of the active job, if the job is marked with 100%, you are not allowed to complete it yet. Have a look at the field beforehand, you will certainly still be able to press 5 to 10 bales, although the client has marked the order as completed.

You can then sell or keep these bales, if you want to keep the hay bales, you have to store them on your farm. Only when you have completely processed the field and got the maximum out of it should you conclude the contract.

We made a lot of extra money as a result. For one order, the wage was 28,000 euros, when the order was completed, we could still press bales for 32,000 euros. So we have more than doubled the yield! This trick also works if you are supposed to harvest wheat, for example, so we always keep our silo for the chicken feed full.

  • Accepting an order in which you have to reduce resources (baling, harvesting).
  • Edit the field and track the order until the contract is marked with “Completed”.
  • Process and sell the remaining resources BEFORE you sign the contract.
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