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FS22 game status gone: Restore disappeared / defective savegame



FS22 game status gone: Restore disappeared / defective savegame

If the score in Farming Simulator 22 is suddenly gone, then this can be due to various causes. You may have started a new game and simply forgot to save (and deactivated automatic saving) or there was a problem with the game status and it can no longer be loaded. If a game in the FS22 is gone or defective and can no longer be loaded, then you can usually fix the “problem” quickly, at least in the PC version, and restore the deleted game. How this works and how you can restore the missing game, we have created a short guide in this article.

Farming Simulator 22: Score gone

The scores from Farming Simulator 22 are stored locally on the PC in the FarmingSimulator2022 folder. A folder is created for each saved game and contains all the important files. In addition to the savegame folder, there is also a subfolder called “savegameBackup” in which the individual saved games are regularly backed up and copied to the side. So if you reset to an older game status or the game status is gone and you want to restore the old savegame, then you can simply copy/move the savegame folder up one level, remove the “_backup ..” in the folder name, and remove the previous one Replace the defective/missing score with it.

Restore the game

  • Quit the game (if it is still open) and open the “FarmingSimulator2022” folder in Windows Explorer under “MyGames” (C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator 2022).
  • Copy / rename the “savegame” folder from the defective saved game to the side, search for the last saved game in the “savegameBackup” folder and remove the _backup in the folder name.
  • Start the game and the missing game status should be displayed again and it should also be possible to load it (depending on the status, some progress in the game may be lost).
farming simulator 22 savegame

By the way, if the FS22 score is gone frequently and is no longer displayed after restarting the game, you should make sure that the save process is complete when you exit the game. Quitting the game during the saving process is not infrequently the cause of a “defective score”.

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