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Valorant: How to gain experience fast and easy to level up



Valorant: How to gain experience fast and easy to level up

This is how the experience works in Valorant, and thus you can enhance the obtaining of it.

With the beginning of a new battle pass in Valorant, they can slightly change all the ways we have to gain experience and thus go up all those levels to get each of the rewards.

With the beginning of act 3, we have a new battle pass with 50 levels and that surely you are going to want to reach the maximum, to take all the bonuses and rewards, and although the topic of getting experience has not changed much, we want to give you a series of tips about it.

So we offer you the most effective ways to quickly gain experience in Valorant and thus reach the maximum level as soon as possible.

Valorant: How to gain experience fast and easy to level up

Daily and weekly missions

It seems obvious, but if you want to quickly raise the level of the battle pass you will have to do all the weekly missions and also be able to do all the daily missions.

Obviously, not all players have the same time, but at least we advise you to do the weekly missions and those daily that you can.

In general, we have two daily missions and three weekly missions and they can vary a lot in terms of difficulty and time to complete.

There are certain missions that require us to enjoy a series of games or rounds throughout a week or carry out a certain number of deaths in 24 hours and so on so that those users who have more free time will have greater options to upload the battle pass level.

Even so, you should be aware that most of the daily objectives provide us with 2000 experience points each, while the weekly missions can reach up to 12,000 experience points, hence the importance of doing at least the weekly missions.

Giving a boost to the experience gained

And, as you well know, the obtaining of experience is determined by the rounds played and the rounds won.

This is why it is important that you should focus on winning each round with your team rather than looking for kills or flashy plays.

In addition to normal matches, you should also try modalities like Spike Rush, a fast-paced mode that while less competitive, matches end once a team reaches four rounds.

In the classic Deathmatch mode, you could also try to get a good experience if you are good enough and the idea is that you combine all the modes.

Gaining experience for each mode is as follows:

  • Unrated: 100XP per round played + 200XP per round won
  • Competitive: 100XP per round + 200XP per round won
  • Spike Rush – 1,000XP
  • Deathmatch – 900XP

Obviously enjoying longer games and going for victory is always the best way to maximize the experience we gain, and you will get the hang of each of the modalities.

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