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Valorant’s New Upcoming Agent 25 Will Be Officially Revealed on March 24



Valorant's New Upcoming Agent 25 Will Be Officially Revealed on March 24

With Valorant having already an arsenal of 24 Agents to choose from and bring one to your next competitive or casual match, there have been a lot of speculations regarding the next 25th Agent. As Iso (Duelist) is the previous Agent who came out in October 2023, the next Agent is speculated to be a Controller with smoke abilities but the true form of the new agent will be revealed officially on March 24, 2024.

Earlier today, Valorant announced that they will be revealing Agent 25 during the final match at VCT Masters Madrid on March 24. All the regions are qualifying now for VCT Masters and only the top team from every region will be matched against each other in the Masters Esports Event of Valorant.

The current Act 1 of Episode 8: Defiance will be ending tomorrow and the second Act of the Episode will be beginning which will end after two months from the starting date of the act. If we analyze it properly, there is a strong possibility that this new Agent might not come along with Act 3 of the Episode but shortly after the announcement.

Usually, the new Agents, major changes in maps, and rotation of maps come along with a new Act/Episode but according to the Leaks, this new upcoming agent will be added to the game in the month of March, and with the official announcement of reveal date, there is a possibility that it will come at the end of this month.

There aren’t any further confirmations regarding the true form of the next agent but the leaks are saying that it will be a female and a Controller with Smokes abilities who will also have the ability to self-revive. If that is the case, then it will be more exciting news for the players who play Controllers as their main agents.

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