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Garten of Banban 4: How to Get First Part of Elevator



Garten of Banban 4: First Part of Elevator

Players will have to get three different parts for the elevator to get back to the Upper Floors but all of the parts are located in different sectors. The first part is located in the Ventilation Sector and players will have to find all the tickets to get to the Ventilation Sector. After reaching the sector, they will have to get through the danger to retrieve the first part of the elevator.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the first part of the elevator in Garten of Banban 4.

How to Get the First Part of the Elevator

You need to open the door to the ventilation room but before that happens, you need to unlock the door on the right side. Put the Opila Bird at the button on the table and place yourself on the other button. Call the toy and press the button on the door on the right side. Go inside the door and it will close as you go ahead. As you go ahead, lights will turn on and you will face Bittergiggle. Run back toward the door and Sheriff Toadster will save you from Bittergiggle.

Now, the door to the Ventilation Room will be unlocked. Go inside the door and pick up the Opila Bird. There will be three lanes in the ventilation room and you need to reach the administration room by going through the safe lanes. Monsters are hiding in the vents and you need to find the safe lane every time you cross through vents. The Opila Bird will chirp when you get close to the danger. Simply change the lane to see if there is danger or not to proceed ahead.

Go to the administration room and press the button to unlock the door. Get the part of the elevator from inside the administration room by shutting down the system and opening the door on the right side.

After getting the part, make your way back to the Horizontal Elevators. Press the White Button to reset and go back to Housing Sector. Follow Sheriff Toadster to the elevator and place the elevator part in the elevator.

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